Autore: Lorenzo Fuso

Market Recap – 30/09/2018

Let’s kick off this Market Recap starting from the US! The S&P500 is down -0.5% on the week, while the Nasdaq outperformed +1%. This week many eyes were focused on the happenings in Washington D.C, with a never-ending stream of difficult headlines. Stocks also slipped from record highs this week as the market digested a Fed […]

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Market Recap – 22/09/2018

What happened this week? It’s all-time highs this week for the S&P500!  It has been a quite positive week for the US Equity Market with the Dow Jones up 2.25% and the S&P up 0.85%, while the Nasdaq was down just some basis points. We are still experiencing the longest bull market ever but if we look inside it we can see a lot of themes evolving, starting from the sector rotation; Tech companies are starting to see their stocks performance slowing down while Financials, Staples, Health Care and Energy are experiencing good inflows and good performances.  Generally speaking we are seeing a lot of rosy indicators (global economic fundamentals are very strong) but we should also ask what could go wrong; tariffs represent the most significant risk with Trump’s announcement enacting 10% tariffs on $200bn of goods, effective on Monday Sept 24th, that will increase to 25% at the end […]

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Market Recap

Market Recap – 09/09/2018   Reading time: 2 minutes As September kicks off, we are dealing with the same debates and challenges facing the markets as when summer started. Looking at US, it is becoming more popular the “bearish idea” in which EPS is slowing, margins are contracting, higher rates are dampening growth, emerging markets […]

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